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Mr Roof Company To protect water tank , it is necessary that waterproofing of tank should be done. After prevention of damage, it can also stop different types of damages. To protect water tank or artificial pools waterproofing of them is necessary. We have technically advanced premium liquid and proofing system which is satisfied, for our ease. This system remains for years, it is not used just for water tank or pools, it is rather also used in products based on roof features.

Benefits of Water Tank Proofing

Quick curing even at lower temperatures,
• Low-odor, safe and non-flammable (zero VOC).
• Suitable for application in closed spaces.
• Easy clean-up.
• Strong adhesion even on damp or green concrete, iron,galvanized steel, aluminum, glass and wood.
• Good mechanical properties and abrasion resistance.
• Easy coloring with water based pigment paste.
• Visible pot-life.