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Mr Roof Company Insulation is an expansion polyester. It is used to spread in internal and external walls, and it is also used to spread bricks, air break, watt concrete walls. Insulation reflects about 97% heat from roof level, and it prevents from internal energy and high temperature. It is prepared by many fiber glasses, cotton sheep's wool or mineral wool. Insulation help to reduce, internal heat flow in roof. In comparison of external roofs, it reaches the temperature from 7 to 10 degree. Roof insulation consists a brush, light weight materials which is related to natural minerals, which is ready to achieve high insulation features.

Benefits of Roof Insulation

Roof Insulation is one of the most effective insulators on the market. It can vastly reduce heat escape from your loft, ensuring your property stays warmer in winter and cooler in summer. As spray foam is such a high-performance material, it can achieve the same insulating performance as alternative materials at a much reduced thickness.