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Mr Roof Company Elastomeric is a flexible rubber coating resistant, which is a good choice for very wet applications. This coating is also used for cooler, freezer, cryogenic storage, water storage, roof units, pools and ponds. Roof coating saves your time and money, it is the best way to renew the roof. There are many types of coating, but with your facility do the roof coating of your house, Common roof coating are dry, from thickness of the film and thickness of the paint film (+ or - 3 dry mills) are different from 40 dry mills. It means that one roof coating is the addition from its own basic system that forms another on it. It completly protects from sunlight and rain.

Benefits of Elastomeric Coating

The heat reflective properties also offer great benefits, such as lowering cooling costs. This advantage is enjoyed regardless of the roof type. The heat reflective properties also offer anti-aging properties when coatings reflect harsh sun rays, which can age roofs over time. Elastomeric roof coatings are simple to use, VOC compliant and nontoxic.