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Product Characteristics:

1) Long service life.
Service life: more than 20 years as roof waterproof material, more than 50years if used in underground .
2) Reflectivity.
One of the advantages that PVC roofing can bring to your building is its reflectivity, which is a prerequisite for cool roofing.
3) Excellent flexibility at low temperature, excellent resistance to the low and high temperature.
4) Excellent resistance to impact , perforation, chemical corrosion.
5) Easy and fast application without pollution.
6) Repair project: Repair the damage place only and reduce the repair cost.
7) Various colors are available.


PVC waterproofing membrane is a high performance polymer waterproof sheets to PVC resin as the main raw material adding plasticizers, anti-UV agents, anti-aging agents, stabilizers and processing aids, by extrusion molding production polymer waterproofing membrane. Reliable product quality, convenient construction, various thickness, length, width can be customized according to customer requirements. Stored membranes in dry and cool condition, Prevent from sunlight, rain,low temperature and chemicals..

Product Description:

PVC waterproofing membrane is a modern roofing material, which is made of high quality flexible (plasticized) polyvinyl chloride.
Product NamePVC waterproof membrane
ColorWhite, Blue, Black, Green or customized colors
Thickness1.2mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm
standardDIN GB ASTM BS etc.
Width1m, 2m
TypeH, P, L
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