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Mr Roof Company This process system is the reason of small holes, or a reason spreading branches..

Mr Roof Company provides Bathroom Leakage Repair, Bathroom Floor Leaking Water, Bathroom Leakage Treatment, Bathroom Leakage Solution services. Bathroom Leakage has a constant wet spot or if it drips regularly. Because from upper floor tiles would be affected by the leak which in future may crack/break. Upper floor may not have realized it. But every time upper floor flushed that toilet, have been causing water to penetrate through the bathroom floor and into your downstairs ceiling.

Find the best solutions and products on bathroom leakage waterproofing contractors. Bad seal between floor and toilet base. If you have a room below the bathroom this leak. If not corrected, will eventually cause damage to the ceiling or floorboards if the room is not finished. Bathroom leakage repair is a lengthy process and also incurs huge costs. A bathroom or kitchen not waterproofed can ruin interiors, hassle residents, and incur significant repair costs in the future.Ceramic shower tiles may be damaged or broken over a period of years.


Bathroom leakage is very common especially in Karachi about 90% buildings and structures face bathroom leakage problems.  Just make us a call we will treat the problem and after our treatment your bathroom will be intact. We warranty our work depending upon the type of work.

Bathroom Leakage Repair
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